Money Mindset and Business Coaching
for Sensitive, Creative Healers and Coaches

Embrace Your
Sensitivity and Enjoy
In Your Sacred Work.

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You can Prosper
as a Healer

without sacrificing your sensitive soul.

You are called to do sacred work on this earth. It is entirely possible to both follow this calling and prosper. You don't have to work a day job or live at a subsistence level or sacrifice your sensitivity.

If you are tired of the struggle, tired of not getting clients, tired of undercharging, tired of juggling bills, tired of putting yourself back together after 8 hours at the day job, and tired of splitting yourself in too many directions, then check out our flagship program, The Visionary Vessel.

Hone your vision for your life and business in this incubator, tailored to the needs of healers and coaches like you.

"I Serve, I Deserve".

- Denise Duffield-Thomas

Visionary Vessel Program

There is no force more Powerful than a Healer who is Aligned and Committed to her Sacred work.

If you are a
Sensitive & Creative
healer or coach

You need special support in order to prosper
  • Business Nuts and Bolts
  • Clearing Abundance Blocks
  • Healing Visibility Issues
  • Space to Process and Integrate Your Shifts
  • Accountability, at Your Unique Pace
  • Warm and Friendly Coaching
  • Loads of Encouragement!

Let's get you supported...

Book Your Free Business Breakthrough Session

A business incubator for healers and coaches

Are you ready to Prosper in your healing or coaching business?

Notice that I use the word "business", instead of "practice". Feel the energy of these two words and understand that a mindset shift to running a "business" is essential to not only thriving, but prospering, in your sacred work.

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Programs designed to take your mindset and your business to the next level

Join with Prosperous healers and coaches
just like you,
in Community

We have curated a beautiful, private, protected space for the most sensitive healers and coaches to safely share their challenges and receive loving support.

The Prosperous Healers and Coaches facebook group is free to join.

There is a community of the spirit.
Open your hands if you want to be held.
Move outside the tangle of fear-thinking.
Flow down and down in always widening rings of being.
- Rumi

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Client Love


I get to keep doing what I was put here to do, I can expand and I will be making the amount of money I have been waiting to make. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!"


Working with Maria in her Visionary Vessel program has been a profound journey for me. Maria's support and healing work is a gift that you should give yourself and your business.


Maria is incredibly intuitive and a great asset to any business - highly recommend her!


She works with money archetypes and it is all quite amazing what I got to witness about myself, my beliefs about money, my blocks and relationship with time! Much, much appreciation Maria.


She brings total loving presence with you to the places where you feel ashamed or traumatized about money, helping you get in touch with your own power to transform it.


It felt good to talk openly around money and my project. I appreciate your insights and the sacred space you held.


Awareness to my money archetypes is the first step back into acceptance of all that I embody...then moving into action that is self-loving and affirming of my prosperity and abundance.


Your presence, guidance, mentoring, and understanding have helped me to clear some major blocks, face my finances, and possibly set me up to be ready to sell my practice!


It was easy for me to heal my clients but to ask to be paid was not so easy. Once I began to heal my own views of self worth, the clients showed up and those clients wanted to PAY me willingly and pay me well.


Maria brings together the business knowledge, while also focusing on the spiritual connection that our practice relies on. I am delighted to be working with Maria, and wholeheartedly recommend her services.


Who would have thought that financial advice could be a transformative personal experience as well? This is what Maria offers in her practice. I highly recommend her work!


I am frankly astonished by the number and quality of support offers that have magically materialized since I started doing the Hara Line process. In addition to seeing things come into my world when I least expect them, I am open and receptive to receiving support in a way I have never been, for as long as I can remember.


It's just such a pleasure to be in her energy! I like the combination of Maria's wise guidance and her loving heart! I like how you inspire me to find great answers to the questions I have! That makes you a true empowerment coach! I'm feeling grateful and lit up! "

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